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Hi, I’m Aidan LaBreche

I was a nobody.

Until I got Crohn’s disease.

Losing 35lbs, my health, and my job inspired me to start writing online and inspiring others.

Now, I don't just write. I craft stories, shape brands, and drive results. Your vision deserves the resilience and expertise I bring. Let's turn your ideas into impactful words.


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What I'm working on in my free time —

  • I write a weekly newsletter that shares the stories of people who went through extreme suffering and came out the other side stronger.
    • The goal of this newsletter is to be a candle, fueled by human resilience, that inspires people to overcome the hardships in their lives.
    • I also share the 3 main lessons these people learned from their struggles.
    • AND the habits they practiced to overcome them.
  • From this long-form piece of content, I repurpose it into short-form content that I share on my X/Twitter account.

Why do you care?

I rely on a 3 step process for growth.

  1. Short-form content to get views follows, and engagement.
  2. Long-form content to deepen the relationship and build trust.
  3. Call to action built on the authority of your brand from steps 1 and 2.

(The trick here is to write quality long-form content that provides an endless supply of ideas to supply the short-form content.)

All I have to drive this growth is my words.

  • I am not a serial entreprenuer
  • I haven’t started great businesses.
  • I do not have huge value to share with my audience.

Yet I still grow based on this system.

Imagine how much growth you could achieve when this system is implemented for you.

Scratch that, don’t imagine. Let’s make it physically happen.



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